About Us

Estate Planning Council of Berks County

  • To provide an exchange of information and ideas to foster intelligent cooperation and a cordial understanding among members as to the proper relationship between the function of the attorney, the accountant, the insurance agent, the trust and/or banking representative, the financial planner, and any other persons in the field of estate planning.
  • To provide information to members in the field of estate planning. Information on all phases of estate planning as well as information on issues and problems having to do with effective and efficient estate planning.
  • To establish and promulgate among members the proper ethical standards in dealing with one another, with mutual clients, and with the public in the field of estate planning.
  • To assist members in keeping abreast of laws, regulations and conditions effecting business and personal taxation and the problems of estate accumulation and conservation so as to improve the knowledge of members within his or her own discipline and with these objectives.
  • To promote acquaintanceship and cooperation among members to the end that the public may be better served in estate planning.